Sauble Cottage Rentals

                                                                                  Rental Agreement

Please note there are no laundry facilities in Sauble Beach. Closest laundry is located in Wiarton or Southampton. While internet or cable is not provided at our cottages, there are many DVD's at each cottage for your family to enjoy. Internet is accessible at locations in Sauble Beach and at our store for all guests to use.

Please read the Rental Agreement and send a confirmation that you have read and agree to Mitchell Grant at Within seven days of agreement of your vacation, your deposit of $300 by certified cheque, e-transfer or direct deposit is required. Acknowledgment that you have read and agree with the rental policy and your deposit are required to reserve your vacation. 


At the time of acceptance by owner a $300.00 deposit per cottage is due. The outstanding balance is due 30 days prior to occupancy. If the booking is done within 30 days of occupancy, the entire amount is due.

Damage deposit

On the day that your vacation starts and keys are provided to the guest, a $300.00 (cash) refundable damage deposit is required. This will be completely refunded at the end of your vacation as long as the cottage is in the same condition as when rented. Costs for breakage, damage or cleaning will be taken out of this deposit. Cleaning costs are $50.00 per hour.

We have a cleanliness guarantee policy.  When you are introduced to the cottage or within 2 hours of starting your vacation if there is a concern with cleaning please let us know and we will correct the situation either that night or the next morning.   

Number of persons per cottage

Each cottage has a maximum number of guests (adults/children).  The number of guests must not exceed the maximums as outlined in listing or the number of agreed guests at the time of your inquiry. 

The number of guests agreed to at the time of your inquiry must be adhered to throughout the rental period. No additional over night guests are permitted and will result in immediate eviction of all occupants. Only the guests registered on the rental agreement are permitted on the property.  If you have family or friends staying in the area and you are having a small number of people over to visit, you must inform us in advance.  Parties are not allowed.  Managing the number of guests weekly is important to us so that everyone enjoys their vacation and there is not a strain to the well(water) or septic system for future guests. Day guests, dinner parties etc. must be discussed with owners in advance if these are part of your vacation plans.


Pets are permitted in some cottages and must be discussed in advance.  We provide some cottages as pet friendly (small dogs) and others as pet free for allergy reasons.  There is an additional cleaning fee of $75.00 for pets.

Check-In at Unique Pieces located at 604 Main Street, Sauble Beach

Check-in begins at 4:00p.m. If you are arriving before 5:30 p.m. meet us at our store called Unique Pieces located at 604 Main street (across from the LCBO and beside Value Mart)  You will be required to provide the names of all vacationers, type of vehicles , the $300 cash refundable deposit (damage/cleaning) and provide your phone number that we can reach you at during your vacation. We will do your best to have your cottage ready as early as possible.  If arriving early to Sauble Beach you can check-in at the store, park for free, and enjoy the beach! We will contact you as soon as the cottage is ready. 

If you plan on arriving after 5:30 pm,  please make arrangements for us to meet you at the cottage.


Your garbage and recycling need to be taken to the landfill site the day before your departure or on the Saturday of your departure weekend.  


1. Check in time is 4:00 pm on first day of your vacation.  / Check out time is 11:00 am on final day of your vacation.

2. Quiet time after 11:00 pm, to abide by all posted rules by landlord as well as Federal, Provincial, and Municipal laws and by-laws. Loud noise / music will result in police being called by owner or neighbours and possible immediate eviction.

3. Alcohol must be kept on cottage property (Provincial Law)

4. No trailers, air mattress or tents on site.  

5. You are responsible for damages done while you are occupying the cottage (e.g. broken furniture, torn window screens must be repaired, broken glass/dishes must be replaced.

6. Owners will not be responsible for items left at premises upon checking out.

7. Check to make sure all taps and toilets are not dripping or running. This causes the water pump to work constantly and fail, resulting in no water.

8. No sanitary napkins or disposable diapers flushed down the toilets. We are on a septic system and this will cause the system to plug.

9. No grease or food flushed down the sink.

10. Please conserve water. We are on a well and excessive use could cause a total water shortage. Please flush toilets conservatively, and practice water conservation when showering, brushing teeth and washing dishes.

11. Garbage day is Monday (1 bag per cottage)

12. Please keep unit neat and tidy. Clean daily (cleaning supplies are provided).

13. Campfires are to be done in the fire pit ONLY. An adult must supervise campfires at

ALL times.

14. Please bring bottled water for drinking! We test the water regularly, but Sauble    Beach residents are on septic / holding tanks and water contamination may be possible.

15. All cottages are non-smoking.


17. No additional cars and only the cars registered are permitted on property.

18. Please note yard maintenance will be scheduled during your vacation


Before you check out the cottage will be inspected by Mitch or Leah (owners)


Please be sure to do the following;


a. Fridge / stove dishwasher and microwave must be cleaned, dishes washed and dried and placed in the cupboard.

b. All garbage disposed of and removed from property. (take with you)

c. Leave B.B.Q clean

d. All surfaces dusted, and wiped clean.

e. Floors swept, vacuumed and washed

f. Sinks, toilets and tub/showers wiped cleaned of sand and hair.

g. Any other cleaning as required.


As well, please clean the yard, fire pit and etc.


If cancelling, you have 30 days prior to the check in date to notify landlord . Failure to do so may result in loss of your deposit if we are un-able to rent for same period.

    Please confirm that you have read and agree to this rental policy when making a reservation.